Bass music & Techno producer // Live act & Dj set

(JARRING EFFECTS ODG PROD. Dub technic / I.O.T Records / Elastica Records / Future Follower Records / MalLabel Music / Arachnids Music)

« EVOLVE »Lp  OUT!!!!

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UZUL - Evolve4 - front

🚨 To pre-order the album Evolve in an ultra-limited eco-responsible vinyl edition

UZUL - Evolve4 - front

UZUL « sea horse« 

Fresh news :  « Sea horse » Out Now !!!


UZUL « Evolve« 

LP – 09 Avril 2021

I am delighted and proud to announce the release of my first solo album « Evolve » on Jarring Effects !!! Here is a link to pre-order the vinyl version! A limited edition of 150 copies, ecological and colorful


During the France containment, Uzul plays every Saturday at 7 p.m. to support the medical staff! check here !

Uzul – « Back in dub remixed »

UZUL - Back In Dub Remixed

« BACK IN DUB » Ep Serie

First Ep « Back in dub 1 » Featuring Sir Jean (Peuple de l’herbe / Mei thei sho) available : UZUL  » BACK IN DUB » Odg prod

UZUL- Back in dub - ODG PROD

Second Ep « Back in dub 2 » Featuring Pouss’ (Steel Alive) and Micro Nano Available : UZUL  » BACK IN DUB » Odg prod

UZUL- Back In Dub 2



Borderline - Uzul- MalLabel Records - out soon

Out Now !!!!

on :

Exclusif single available now on MalLabel records (USA) SPOTIFY

Uzul tour in France and in Europe in 2018 to support his new Eps « Borderline »& »Panorama »
European promoters, please get in touch quickly to get a gig in your city

Booking enquiries : VEGAPROD
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Panorama EP - Uzul - Out Monday, 08 Jan, 2018January 2018 // Always available


FR :

Musicien aux multi-facettes, Stéphane alias Uzul, œuvre depuis des années pour affirmer son style. Initialement responsable des machines au sein du groupe d’electrodub Kalylivedub, il lance par la suite Hybrid Sound System un duo breakbeat, puis la formation hiphop noise Uzulprod qui vient de sortir son nouveau album. Parallèlement, il présente son projet 4GetMeNot, cette fois-ci, avec une esthétique plus Ukbass & techno. En perpétuel renouvellement, il s’impose par ses sorties en vinyle ou en digitale et ses prestations en live où les basses puissantes et les atmosphères singulières sont sa marque de fabrique. Il revient cette année avec un nouveau live entre hip hop, afro trap et breakbeat sur-vitaminé, dont vous vous souviendrez !

UK :

A multi-facets musician, Stéphane aka Uzul, has been working for years to assert his style. Initially in charge of samplers and effects within the group of electrodub Kalylivedub, he subsequently launched Hybrid Sound System a breakbeat duo, then the hiphop noise band Uzulprod who just released his new album. At the same time, he presents his project 4GetMeNot, this time, with a more Ukbass & techno style. In perpetual renewal, it imposed by his vinyl or digital outputs and live performances where powerful bass and singular atmospheres are his trademark. He comes back this year with a new live act between hip hop, afro trap and over-vitamined breakbeat, which you will remember !








+ “Under pressure 1” Ep / Dub technic / France / 2009 (Skream (Tempa) Remix included)

Under pressure 2

+ “Under pressure 2” Ep / Dub technic /France / 2009

uzul under pressure facing

+ “Ruffneg” Ep / Dub technic / France / 2010 (N-Type (Wheel and deal records) Remix included)

ruffneg facing

+ ”Colors” Ep / I.O.T records / France / 2012 (Featuring Ben Sharpa (Pioneer Unit Records))



+ “Deep” Ep / Elastica records / Italy / 2013


+ “Subwayz” Ep / Future Follower records / United Kingdom / 2015


+ “Earthquake” Ep / Future Follower records / United Kingdom / 2015


+ “Afrobits” Ep / MalLabel Music / United States / 2017


+ “Back in dub 1” Ep / O.D.G Prod / France / 2018

Uzul – Back in Dub

+ “Back in dub 2” Ep / O.D.G Prod / France / 2019

Uzul – Back in Dub 2